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You can call me Aidah,a 23 yrs old lady. A proud mother of 2 handsome heroes (Nail Idris & Nabil Izra) and a loving husband (Sofian) But don't panic i'm not that old fashion mum..Hahahaha...Me modernise. Tak semesti nye dah kahwin takleh enjoy kan..I'm a happy go lucky person but sometimes 'terpeleot' jugak. I'm friendly and can be stubborn at times. At this point of time my family is my main priority. Considered they are my world... Ceh berbual mcm real je....Hahaha....

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Ape yg aku suka buat eh??? Kau rasa2?? Tak buat ape2 leh?? Oklah...Me like musics and of course that include clubbing.....Hahahaha...Reading malay novels...Hehehe jiwang ah siak.. Dan layan 2 monster yg ada di rumah (my sons) plus bapak monster skali (hubby).

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I hate hypocrites, backstabbers and liars....Dun ever lie to me!!! Theres' 1 animal that can make me faint or even die........SNAKES!!! Ish!! I hate to be heartbroken and i dun like the feeling of heartpain. It make me helpless.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Boring siak.....mendak siak nari..tapi takper mlm ni kuar. Tapi tak tahu nak gi maner. Biasa lah kuar ngan si mira giler dgn laki aku...no plans anyway. Anak aku nail pun tak der kat sini pergi umah mak aku kat johor. Ceh yan dah dpt keje seh dekat keje lama mira tapi oklah....asal ader keje sudah....k lah aku tak tahu nak type aper lagi siak....

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hahahah...suppose to go to werk today...guess what??...aku tak pergi. Keje dier susah nak mampus...so confusing. tak pernah aku keje ni mcm nye susah...so complicated. Tapi mak aku tak tahu... lau tahu mati aku dier dah tender resign ....got to find work as soon as possible....die die must find....lagi satu... smalam aku gi tunnel...mendak sak!!!! kau tak pernah aku gi clubbing semendak smalam. Banyak budak taik siak.... tak leh angkat...the first and the last aku gi jejak sana....dah lah tu minah2 dier satu 2 masya allah...tuhuan saja yg tahu...ak lama lagi confirm tunel jadi fire no.2...heheheeh....got to go by way sani kat bawah nak amik kita org gi jalan2...chao!!!

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i just want to take you away
from everyone and keep you stashed under my pillow
and then i'd take you out simply for my own
pleasure and wear you when the occasion's special then
i'd put you on like a diamond so i can sparkle and be the envy of my friends
i'd proudly hold the leash that i'd have you on
so you can't stray and follow me around all day
it's too late now i don't think it can fade
it's too real now fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze

compulsion has stained me i'm nervously cradling our young love
without known limits love like a butterfly cupped in my hands i peek in
to see beauty trappedconfined it flutters then
it leaves behind colorful dust
to remind me of the special times we've spent
but of course it has to leave my clutchbut enough's never enough to make a dent
it's too late now
i don't think it can fade
it's too real now
fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze
and in time it will end
and there really isn't hope for the two of us
but right now i give in...it's too late now
i don't think it can fade
it's too real now
fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze
fulfillment just adds fuel to the fulfillment
just adds fuel to the blaze

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You're so new!!

Ok.... only today i get to come to mira's house. So only now i get to update my blog. Something is changing inside 'him'. I can sense it. I can feel it. I can see it. Maybe 'he' doesn't realize it. We are not like old times. Maybe the feeling is not there anymore. There's no attention towards me anymore. I'm feeling neglected. Last time when we used to quarell those words 'he' said doesn't hurt much like now. Why must all this changes. Why now? Why not last time? I dun noe what is 'his' feeling towards me now? I dun have anyone want to talk to except this blog and my mum. She's still the best. The chemistry is not there anymore. Lucky i have my 2 heroes atleast i'm not bored. Life is more meaningful. How am i gonna live without them. Why my life always turn out to be like this. Last time till now never change. Happiness always not by my side. Susah sangat ke nak hidup senang. Now i'm thinking of my bills at home. I've been thinking very hard. Lucky i start work today. I want to work very hard so that i can pay my bills. And for my kids. I no longer wanna stay at home and shake legs. I want to change my life....now....

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Compulsion has stained me
Aik dah lama tak update..step dah bertahun aje. Biasa ah aku kat umah mira umah aku mana ader pc. Anyway nothing ineresting this few days. Biasa cari keje semua tunggu kol @#*&!!! Buang money aje..nari kak lin ajak i momo malas ah takder mood. This week my mood ader sikit ok lah tak down mcm last week but theres a lot of thing in my mind lau boleh dah burst. I just can't keep it too myself. Sometimes i feel lost real lost and i can't find my way back. Who should i talk to......compulsion has stained me.....

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

So Pissed Off!!!

siak!@*&#....kau tau tadi aku gi keje..kau tahu keje tu buat ape? Jual ticket amal siak. U juz imagine me and mira wearing heals when inside the pasar at geylang to collect funds. Can't believe it. I think today is my unlucky day. Then aft that i quarrel wif 'him'. I dun why' he' change his mood. I really can't stand it siak. 'He' utter all those words which' he' shouldn't have said. I'm really upset siak. Only god noes how i feel. You just imagine how u feel when somebody told u off like that especially that someone was someone u love. When 'he' react like that it just remind me of my ex. Its just tat 'he' haven't lay a finger on me yet. Then 'he' say sorry.....simple as that. Aku betul2 upset...bingit siak. I'm jus scared that 'he' will change like my ex. Or this is just the beginning....hmmm entah lah aku pun dah tak tahu ape lagi nak type.....sign off....

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy National Day !!

What a day to celebrate...aku dpt ticket free from mira's father....kat tampines. Guess what!! Mendak siak dahlah tu panas nak mampus...Konon semangat nak jumpa Aaron Aziz at last suara aje dengar....pas tu takpe...kul lima balik umah salin baju terus gi explanade tgk bunga api. Hak! peh ramai org jam giler nye...at last rilek kat athar...hahahaa!!! anyway aku ngan mira dpt keje...besok start..at last!!! Ntah kekal ke tidak tapi oklah dah brapa lama cari keje. Aru skarang dpt ...dah aku pun tak tahu nak type ape lagi....

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

So Confused!!!

I'm feeling quite down 2day actually since yesterday. Everything comes in one shot. I dun think ' he' really understands me.'He' really think tat i'm not ready for all this. 'He' says that I never care. I just can't accept it. I 'm really confused i dun noe what to do.Every conversation always end up wif an arguement. If anything happens to 'him' what am i going to do. Maybe he's right i'm really hopeless....at this time I can't even help 'him'....all that i noe i do care. Sometimes i feel that i'm only a nuisance to 'him'. Pegi interview pun tak guna bukan nye dpt....waste duit aje..stress siak ape aku nak buat...nak nangis pun dah kering tank aku...

"Here i go scream my lungs out trying to get to you! You are my only one! I let go cos there's no one, no one like you cos you are my only, my only one"!!!!!

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